Design Process

Every project is different but this is typically how a new project works from start to finish:

DISCOVERY Every client has a “story” that we discover before we start designing. This “story” is created through investigation of client’s preferences, program development, site assessment, regulatory inquiries, and client’s sustainability goals.

ENGINEERING SELECTION The architect assists the client in finding the right Structural, Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Engineers for each project.

SCHEMATIC DESIGN Your “story” starts to take shape in a new design.

CONTRACTOR SELECTION Integrating a contractor early into the project team helps keep the construction costs aligned with the client’s budget. Sometimes clients come to us with a pre-selected contractor already.

DESIGN DEVELOPMENT The design is further developed as the architect adds more details and integrates the engineering work into the design.

CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS The design drawings get ready for construction and permitting.

BIDDING & NEGOTIATION The client gets the final construction budget or the architect assists the client in getting several bids from various contractors.

CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION The architect observes construction at various stages to ensure construction conforms to design in construction documents.